R&D Technician

Job Description

International business, a global leader in the manufacture of electro mechanical equipment for the life science and healthcare sectors, seeks a R&D Technician in its R&D department, where you will build prototypes and test equipment involving mechanical, refrigeration, and electrical construction as well as using PC based applications.

The R&D Technician will perform experiments and test procedures on prototype and production devices, following strict methodologies to carry out analyses.

You will identify problems, applying diagnostic methods to identify the causes and implement satisfactory solutions.

Other duties include the interpretation of technical data, production of testing reports and presentations and discussion of testing results with R&D and Manufacturing engineers and maintaining and calibrating laboratory equipment and ensuring lab supplies are available.

As R&D Technician you will assist R&D project teams and actively taking part in group and project meetings.

Given that manufacturing processes span Mechanical, Electrical and Refrigeration technologies, a formal qualification in Physics, Materials Science or Technology would be useful. We seek an energetic, organsised and enthusiastic individual, ‘hands on’ and with strong analytical skills. Someone who fully understands the reasons behind tests, who conducts the tests and who analyses and reports on the results using a methodical/scientific approach. You should have several years experience in the R&D department of an engineering/manufacturing business – chemistry and biotech sectors would not be considered appropriate.

Additionally you are an effective communicator with good hand-eye coordination and dexterity to use technical equipment with accuracy.

We seek a team player who contributes to problem solving activities on simultaneously running R&D projects, enabling them to be completed in a timely and successful manner.