Trainee Modelmaker

Job Description

An excellent opportunity as Trainee Modelmaker where you can use  your practical skills in a product development environment. You should already be experienced in using  workshop tools such as bandsaws, pillar drills, disc sanders, etc, experience you may have acquired in a previous position or perhaps in Technology related courses at school or College.


You will be assisting in the creation of models and product prototypes from dimensional drawings supplied by the Product Design team and you will also be encouraged to develop skills and knowledge in 3D printing and rapid prototyping technology. You will also carry out various forms of in-house product testing.


The Trainee Modelmaker must be comfortable working in a workshop environment and using workshop equipment and must have real passion and enthusiasm which will be rewarded in a company which is both supportive and encouraging of personal development.You should also be comfortable with the use of computers for recording test data and accessing the company’s Product Lifecycle Management software (training provided).